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In recent years, the significance of sustainability has grown tremendously, reshaping the approach to project development at JGC. Adopting sustainable practices ensures long-term socio-environmental benefits, while also boosting economic returns and stakeholder satisfaction. Therefore, at JGC, the focus lies on integrating eco-friendly designs, innovative technologies, and robust resource management strategies into our projects to achieve holistic sustainable development.


Sustainability in Project Development

JGC has built a strong foundation on the core principle of sustainability, meticulously developing our business segments and project development systems focused on eco-friendly designs. In the context of JGC, sustainability not only relies on a project's ability to maintain a longer lifecycle while preserving exceptional performance standards but also necessitates continuous efforts from JGC teams and associate partners to ensure minimised carbon footprints from our projects. Our experts are committed to continuously acquiring knowledge on emerging innovative technologies  to have projects functioning at the least possible carbon footprints.


Our holistic approach allows JGC to supervise every stage of project development while providing insightful guidance on various aspects of sustainability. This includes, but is not limited to, green building practices, environmentally-conscious community developments and master planning, endorsing eco-friendly technological components, as well as advising on energy, water, and resource optimization alongside usage minimization. We also focus on devising zero waste solutions and integrating eco-friendly measures across project implementation, construction, and operation processes. Additionally, our specialized CDM partners deliver comprehensive consulting and advisory services concerning carbon offset mechanisms for projects that demand emission reductions or those seeking carbon-neutral status.

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